Thursday, March 11, 2010

HRMF: The return of Madame Bumpsalot and White Flight

photo by Chris Barnes

We were able to confirm with the lovely, talented, and formidable High Rollers capo Intensive Scare that Madame Bumpsalot and White Flight will be returning to the HRMF Roster for the bout against our beloved Heathers Saturday night.

Scurr: "Madame and Whitey are both skating. So exciting! Whitey is doing fantastic! The whole team is fabulous and oh so ready."

So the High Rollers may be an even tougher team than the group who almost overcame GnR a few weeks back.

We look forward to a raucous bout.

Heathers por Vida!


George said...

The derby word on the street says that neither Bumpsalot nor White Flight are jamming this weekend.

The Coroner said...

Thanks, George. I often think that you and Kanna should write this blog. You're much better informed than I.

George said...

If you want the blog to be based upon drunken third-person rumors, then yes, put me and Kanna in charge. I would like to state that if anything I write here turns out to be true, then it’s purely coincidental.

JeLLyPiG said...

Hey!!! I thought that is what I brought to the blog!?!?!