Tuesday, February 23, 2010

RCR Draft thread - probably with many updates

(thanks to SkatieKat, Tini, and BNB on Facebook for the updates)

Rhea Derange rejoins the Betties. Always a pleasure to see her skate. One of the great derby talents in the nation. Betties also land Michelle. Nicely done!

And Madame Bumpsalot returns to the High Rollers!

Heartless Heathers take KC, jammer possibility. Dang! Shine on!

GnR get Boxcar, Knocker Brown, Attractive Nuisance, and Tish.

Well, hell, there ya go!

Thanks to everybody for the information, especially the stuff we weren't supposed to have. We'll incorporate your inevitable corrections in updates.

Congratulations draftees and returnees!


Mrs. Cher said...

Damn you are fast!

JeLLyPiG said...

The Bumps return was a pleasant surprise.

Aw, KC...that's awesome! HpmfV!

The Coroner said...

Skilled with the cut'n'paste, Mrs. Cher, that's all. Kind regards to you and yours.

JeLLyPiG, yes.

Mercgirl said...

I have to admit I am a tad bit disappointed by the omission of some skaters from the list of draftees. I do have to ponder what it takes at times....
I will just leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

Mercgirl I was thinking the same thing this morning but then I had to consider the constraints the teams are facing:
1. They have a finite size.
2. They should choose the strongest talent so those with past experience could be advantaged.
3. The team needs to choose players that they feel work with their team dynamic.

As long as there is a finite # of team slots draft is not going to be like high school where you put in your time, prove you meet some standards, and you graduate - its going to remain a "pick the best candidate" out of the existing pool.

Anonymous said...

Could RCR have a 5th team? Is the demand there?

George said...

I think that we're pushing it by having a fourth team. Most leagues only have three teams. I don't see any need for the Betties at all.

Kanna said...

LMAO - oh I love my hubby!! I will try my best to protect you but there are a lot of Betties out there. . .

JeLLyPiG said...

George, you caused me to laugh out loud!

Mrs. Cher said...

It is always disappointing when a skater doesn't get picked up after being on Fresh Meat for awhile but I don't think it's anything personal.

It's not based on seniority and there are many factors involved: space on the roster, talent, strength, body type, position played, and a good "fit" with the existing team.

All potential draftees are given feedback from the captains of why they weren't chosen so they know what to work on and different teams/captains are looking for different things.

I hope the girls on Fresh Meat will still keep working hard. Perseverance is a good attribute!