Friday, February 26, 2010

Oly 157, Rose 149

Easily bout of the year, so far.

So close to last March's 157 - 151.

Anyone who was surprised at how close the bout was has not been paying attention to RCR.


Rose City v Bay Area tonight (Sat, Feb 27) at 7. Get your boutcast here or at Kay's Bar in Sellwood.

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Kanna said...

By far one of the best bouts I have seen in derby. Oh my gosh way to represent Rose City and show the Nation what you guys can do!

So proud of ALL the girls - their hard work, determiniation and fucking fighting spirit is a thing of beauty. Brutal Beauty! ha, sorry had to cheese out. . .

What an amazing weekend of derby. Wheels of Justics showed up at Kitsap Fairgrounds ready to roll and they never backed down. The newest members of the squad were impressive and the "old timers" were phenomenal. Excellent team work - you all play so well together.

There were many Portland fans that made the trip up for the entire weekend too. Just way to much fun. What a beautiful weekend.

I love me some RCR - and they wonder why I'm a derbyhead? DUH!!!