Saturday, February 13, 2010

Guns 'n' Rollers v. High Rollers

photo by Skippy Steve

If you don't have tickets to tonight's sold-out bout at the Oaks Park Hangar, you can watch the live stream at the RCR website.

So great that RCR is doing this for their intraleague matches.

Via her Twitter feed, Rocket Mean informs us that the stream will be fed to a big screen at Kay's Bar.

Mike Chexx has an interesting and informative episode of Rose City Rollers Radio up, which includes a preview of tonight's bout, as well as a recap of AoA v. Miami, and some other RCR news.

Finally, last I checked there were still tickets available for next week's Heartless Heathers v. Breakneck Betties game, but I snagged three of those tickets for derby virgin friends, so if you are still among the ticketless, you had best make your move soon.

Heathers por Vida!


kanna said...

I hate those flippin barriers and there I am sitting behind "them" adding insult to injury. . .there's a PBR sticker platered on the flippin barrier. Nothing against PBR but personally I'd prefer "These patrons are on Buffalo Trance" or "Ahhh, shoot the Bullett again". Just my two shots worth of babble. . .

George said...

Isn't there a Heathers bout tomorrow? Shouldn't we be having some kind of blog update here regarding that?

P.S. - I hate the flippin' track barriers too!

The Coroner said...

I'm working on it, sir. Sorry. Have been falling down on the blog.

JeLLyPiG said...

Well, I have not been much of a contributing contributor. Lots of great excuses make for a long boring story...

I hate the new Rockstar/VIP seating division as much as the track barriers!