Friday, January 30, 2009

WFTDA rankings say nothing?

The new WFTDA '08 4th quarter rankings came out today. They are now using their four region system which clearly shows NO RCR ranking in the West. YIKES!

Read for is the hosting city for Nationals "ineligible for ranking"???


Ringer said...

Hey so it appears to be a clerical error/oversight. Been told it's an easy fix and we should be ranked soon (or the next time they update).

I think we'll be ranked 3rd in the west after B.A.D. (they too are not ranked).

Oly is also listed as not ranked because they don't have 2 sanctioned games under their belt yet (same with slaughter county). Both those teams will be included in the West Coast rankings sometime this year.

JeLLyPiG said...

Aw Ringer...

Of course it's a silly error, we all know that. I was just try'n to fire up the troops! Just trying to stir up a little WoofDuh sh!t talk over the weekend! The blogosphere doesn't need facts, we have opinions! LOL!

But since you brought up the Oly Rollers
('08 Battle for the Coast Champions...)

Won't they be battling our treasured WoJ on March 21st at the Skateland in Olympia? Will that be a sanctioned bout? Jeepers, I bet it's a good one either way.

Ringer said...

You certainly got the troops fired up!

Yes indeed WOJ plays Oly in Olympia March 21st. I can't wait for this game, they have a very small venue so I'd recommend getting tickets as soon as they become available. They bout/skate in this little tiny rink with short ceilings in the middle of a field - odd and quaint.

As far as being sanctioned, I am not sure - F.C. you on here? Is it?