Sunday, January 25, 2009

Heathers take the mini-tournament!

You were there, of course, to see that the Heathers have only deepened and broadened their skills as individuals and as a team since they took the 2008 RCR crown.

In the first half-bout of last night's mini-tournament, the Guns N Rollers conked the Break Neck Betties 47 - 35.

Next up, we saw the Heathers defeat the ever-stronger High Rollers 78 - 42. Whew!

In the consolation bout for third seeding, the High Rollers went on to put down the Betties 58 - 35.

Which led us to the final of the seeding tournament, where the Heathers blew out the Guns and Rollers 69 - 30.

Going into the evening, some had expected things to be a little less lopsided. There is a load of talent on each team and, based on distribution of strong skaters alone, one would expect a very competitive 2009 season. But things haven't quite started out that way.

Why not? HH's Superior team cohesion (the Heathers are a well-functioning unit) is one guess, and the depth of the Heathers bench is another. It was a sight to see.

Your insights?


JeLLyPiG said...

Insights? Maybe insert your favourite @$$HOLE'S and Opinion's cliche here, but I will take the bait.

Though I am happy as hell to have city league play back in our lives, last night seemed to start ugly and awkward in that "shaking out the cob webs" sort of way. From the wind up of the bout through the first 10 minutes of the Heather's v High Rollers bout, things seemed slow, grinding and almost painful to watch but thankfully almost everyone figured it out. I chalk it up to first night jitters and the last "live" derby I saw being Nationals. In the end the bout did deliver and winning is always more fun.

I thought that the mini tourney again proved the theory that team play wins bouts even if I think 30min bouts only tell you half the story. It seems clear that smart pack control and good defensive strategies whether you had a lead jammer on the track or not were key to giving "the team", the "W". Of course it also proved that quality veteran players that skate their own game with ego and anger don't deliver ANY victories.

Since it was the first bout after months off, it's hard to know if we got a real glimpse of where the various teams are headed.

Everyone has to admit that the High Rollers have put together a serious game plan and continue to elevate their level of play. Hell,even the Heather's had their hands full against them for a bit. Well executed defense, along with some amazing jamming are sure to make High Rollers jokes a thing of the past.

As for my opinion of our Heartless one's, teams win and you ALL skated as a team giving us some monster jams. Firecrotch, D-Day and Soooul Train ruled the pack and made great use of the twenty foot rule, i.e. smart play. Ringer continues to show the whole damn league that she is a marquee player and I loved watching her "smoke" Smacks.

Speaking of Smacks, if she turns to face the oncoming pack someone needs to just punk her ass. (I love to watch her play but that move seems cocky to me)

So bring on the Hanger bouts! Free Parking, Cheaper Beer and the balance of what looks to be a busy and exciting season are ahead of us. Of course we'd all look more style'n in our new RCR jackets if we were sport'n a HEATHERS patch.(You feelin me, HH Merch makers?)

Heathers rule...OK!

The Coroner said...

Thank you, JeLLyPiG.

You are humble and lovable.

Noz said...

I can't believe how many were worried about the HR bout. The bench was even beginning to get edgy.

Common, we sent in Ringer, Sump, followed by Scratch, with the baddest accompaniment in the known derby verse. Hello, 50 points unanswered. Hello?

What, me worry?

Love those High Rollers. They were officially ranked 2nd from the dorky weekends festivities. And really, they were a more formidable opponent then GnR. Is there a more perfect world than HR and HH in the season final?


JeLLyPiG said...


You are were not only the "Best Dressed" Coach of the night but obviously the man with the plan.

I should take back all the horrible sh!t I was screaming at you during the opening of HR bout...but all's fair in love of Roller Derby!

Miss Conduct PDX said...


Who's makin' jokes about the High Rollers?! Who?! Point me at 'em!