Wednesday, January 7, 2009

End of the Vominatrix Era?

Vom may be calling off the jam on an illustrious roller derby career.

January 24th may be your last chance to see Vominatrix roll.

From the busy woman herself:

"I have stepped down from the Wheels of Justice for now. I might come back later in the year if my schedule clears up, but it is looking kind of grim.

As for the Heartless Heathers, they are kind enough to keep me on the roster while I figure out if I can make roller derby and school work. I will be playing in the January bout, but it is quite possible that it could be my last derby game.

It's sad. I don't want to quit. I am hoping for 30 hour days in '09."

For a lot of us who wandered out early in 2006 to find out what Portland flat-track derby was about, the larger-than-life on-track persona of Vominatrix, and her mad skillz at all positions were large factors in getting us hooked on the Heathers, on the Rose City Rollers, and on flat-track derby. Vom is rightly revered both here at home and on the national derby scene, both on and off the track.

It's not a done deal, as she says, but her swan song may be the January 24, 2009 bout at Expo Center. Come out and give her your yell. She has earned it.


George said...

I am in total denial over this! She'll be back. (at least that's what I keep saying to myself...over and over and over...)

Layla Smackdown said...

I'm with George. I really want Vom to find a balance, because to play on WOJ with her would be an honor! Fucking love me some Vom.

The Coroner said...

I'd love it if she pulled a November Pain and decided she just couldn't stand being away.

But a gal's gotta work and a gal's gotta go to school. Best to her.

grunt said...

awe, well I guess it was time, good luck!
Sad to see it happen. No more road trips to see Vom and the Heathers! (little harder any way since I won't be in BC any more)

The Coroner said...

Vom sends this along (Blogger isn't letting her comment today) -

"Awww thanks for all the kind words, it has been an amazing 4.5 years. Even if I don't end up playing after this Jan game I will still be helping out and will be around, I can't just quit cold turkey.

Maybe I will find someone who wants to pay for my school so I don't have to work and I can play derby forever haha"

kanna said...

TOTAL DENIAL. Have been since I started hearing the rumors and I'm in a full on blusterfied denial now that its actually been announced.


Mercgirl said...

Sad, so sad. But I completely understand too. I don't know how the heck they manage. I have enjoyed every second of watching Vom skate. I will miss her.

Rocko Billy said...
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Rocko Billy said...

I'm deeply saddened by this when I heard the news.
I would like to say Vominatrix is one of the best skaters/jammers in the Rose City rollers and 1 of my top 3 favorites. Her effervescence and persona have always entertained me while announcing. She has always given 150% in her derby play at all times, even while being injured, since I first saw her at the Armory.
One significant bout that I can remember... I was calling the game in Seattle for the RCR, was
Heathers vs. DLF. DLF had some tall large BIG girls who were way more experienced at the time of the bout. That did not sway Vom at all because two of the DLF, managed to take vom down on her front hip. You could tell it hurt and hurt bad. Vom did everything she could to muster up and stand up. When she got up she got seriously pissed off more than hurt feelings. It was almost as if she needed to get hit that hard to get mad enough to go on and play even harder and better than ever.
(somewhat like Sly stone did in his Rocky Movies.)
Vom is a true athlete and has a great personality on and off the track.

D-Day said...

Well said Rocko! I think the team is in a bit of denial too. I want my Vomy!