Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Babble on PiG. Babble on.

Perhaps it's the inspiration I feel on National PiG Day that has gotten me off my lazy blogger ass or maybe it's just being done with the loathsome month of February that has lit my fire. Either way it's been a while since I posted anything, so here we go.

Things I've missed:

Heathers lose to those High Rollers in Bout 2. I like to think it's early in the season and things will change. I pray we don't have another year of the Heartless ones being Gang Green's B!tch. Break the curse in 0'11!

WoJ whoops up on Detroit. Well...thank god! It seems to me, if they can dominate the crap out of the #1 from the North Central division, they should probably be able to take out the #4 which they did handily. This further illustrated that WooF Duh's divisional system is broken. You validate me. Thank YOU!

Heathers win in Seattle? EPIC! I had a huge dopey derby drunk grin on my face as I strolled through that arena after the big win against Grave Danger. As any long time reader knows, I think 30 minute bouts are for sucks, so in my mind I am waiting for the second half which will be played out here April 24th at the Memorial Coliseum.

Then we had handsome George's shitstorm. (Literally)

I didn't agree with George's take, as noted in the comment string but I do support his right to say what he needs to say. I will also admit that there were lulz, lots and lots of lulz as I read his post.

There seems to be a lot of a "Stay Positive", T-Ball-esque, groovy love vibe that surrounds derby. That makes sense if you are in a league or on a team. You are creating a supporting atmosphere to develop talent and create this unified thing. We are just fans. We buy tickets, craploads of merch, floor tiles and drinks, just not your always positive bullshit and hype. Though we all come together as Rose City fans for the All Star events, Intraleague play means some people I like...are rooting against my team. I get that. It makes sense to my dumbass. It's a sport with teams playing for a win and a record, for a place and bragging rights.

This blog is also not an Official Rose City Rollers blog. We are not brownshirts for "the League", we are just fans. I like to think of myself as a true sports fan of a REAL sport, Roller Derby. That being said, I expect to have the rights of any real sports fan. I want to call bullshit when I see it. I want to love my team and hate my team depending on what I see from my fans perspective. There needs to be a critical eye somewhere and though sometimes we may say things you don't like, someone has to say it.

This is a Fan Driven Blog.

As for George? Well, he stood by his statements and took his punishment from Scald herself. It doesn't look to me like she needs any help defending her honour.

The picture was stolen from Kanna, George's awesome Derby Wife, over on the social network. Hopefully that is enough vengeance for RCCC (Rose City Chest Crappers...read that comment thread, it's seriously kinky shit.)

The only other option we really have is Censorship...

Speaking of Censorship, Wild West Showdown is this weekend up in Bremerton. Our WoJsters will be playing three bouts over the course of the first two days, of this three day event. They take on the "classy" looking team from Denver Friday night. Saturday they do double duty taking on Philly @ 4pm and the Ratz @ 8pm. With two main tracks, 17 WFTDA teams in the house and a crazy challenge bout track, it is a mind numbing 3 day Derby overdose. Provided of course that you don't show up at the venue with a copy of Hellarad on your person.

Yes, the rumors are all true, some Kitsap County Commissioner with a stick up his or her ass found a copy of the d-bag rag last year and has banned the "Worlds Most Ignacious Skate Zine" from this year's event. Of course the ban is seen as somewhat of a challenge. You see, you can not have a copy of the zine on your person, but you can use your person to show some support of the Hella-crew without jeopardizing the SCRV or the event.

On Saturday March 5th, it's Hellarad Appreciation Day. If you have a Hellarad shirt? Wear it or buy one from Cruz Skateshop. You can hit up my friends at Flat Track Revolution for an awesome Hellarad hip bag. They will be selling their stylish wears at the event. Of course if you are low on dough, there is the Hellarad name badge game. They can ban the zine but they can't ban the lulz.

We'll play catch up after this weekend. Travel safe, Derby Fans.


Kanna said...

Bravo Pig
(isn't that a great picture of George & Scald Eagle?)

Red Tash said...

Hilarious! Reminds me a little bit of the dominatrix Smurfette pic I took at RollerCon a few years ago. Do y'all have an email address? I want to drop you a note.