Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Heathers Googling

Boutcast archive is up.

Daily Ab hearts GnR and talks Baconnaise.

Grace Fell has some interesting shots up on Flickr from last Saturday night.

Dr. John Rudoff also has a set of shots up.

Syma had date night at the derby.

UPDATE: via Sharkey, Skippy Steve's shots from Saturday

LATER UPDATE: Sharkey's photos from Heathers v Guns


George said...

- cool

- lame

- blurry

- needs red eye reduction filter (but some AWESOME photos of Sol Train)

- even lamer than the Daily AB piece (come on, a one sentence post about going on a roller derby date night)

Methinks the Coroner’s Inquest is hurting for content today. Where's JeLLyPiG with something meaty? Don’t get me wrong. I love reading about color coordinating fingernail polish with clothing just as much as the next guy, but George needs something more. I need the gospel according to JeLLyPiG!

The Coroner said...

Yeah, some of the Hipstamatic shots are blurry, but they're still great. Like the one of that big blurry wall of blue.

And I like that Syma's "Date Night" piece originally referred to the match-up as "Rice City Rollers versus the Heartless Heathers." Where did that come from?

And the Daily Ab commentary on Baconnaise was essential reading.

And I have no idea whether JeLLyPiG is going to step up on the stage and show these people what time it is, boyee, but I agree with you, George, that it would be a good thing if he did.

ApdxB said...

Ouch, George! Mine wasn't the date night pic, it was the Baconnaise shout-out and me givin' mad props to Scratcher for being un-friggin-stoppable on Saturday.

Daily AB not intended to be earth-shattering news. Just silly stuff I post.

Thanks for the link, Coroner!

JeLLyPiG said...

The PiG is trapt in a Boredroom this week and way busy being a Corporate Stooge (as I write even...).

I promise some derby meat once I have been freed from my Canadian captures.

Jen said...

Woah, thanks for the mention (grace fell, here).

Really, I've given up trying to get great derby shots (did I ever try?). First, there are lots of excellent images from photographers with better cameras and skills, and those are good enough for me. Second, and most importantly, I miss way too much of the action when I'm fiddling with the cam!

I'd just downloaded the Hipstamatic app and thought the bout a good opportunity to have fun with it. Of course, they're blurry. They're on Flickr because I kind of like'em that way.

The Coroner said...

Like I said, Grace, I really like the shots. Thanks for posting them.

Also, I think Roller Derby is an excellent choice for date night, so must applaud Syma.