Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Line-Ups

Great thing I learned at the new Heathers Fan Forum is that Speed Bump posts the 14-player rosters for a coming bout on the bout's events page. Lots of information for this Saturday's sold-out bout embedded therein:

Mobi Wan Kenobi
Mick U Cry
The Blast Unicorn
D Day
Fire Crotch
Knotty La Rue
Ruby Bruiseday
She Rex
Scratcher in the Eye
Skintastic Dynomite
Sol Train
Twat Rocket
Viagrra Falls

Cher The Pain
Mercyful Kate
Axl Blows
Blood Clottia
Boxcar Bethy
Evilia D. Stroiu
Fist O'Fury
Hard Knox
Knocker Brown
Miss Mel Mangles
Napalm Beth
Smack Ya Sideways
Sugar & Vice

Gee. I think I know who's going to win. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

He has become my least favorite person in all of RCR. Why do they keep that guy around?

The Coroner said...

Speed Bump, is that you?

The Coroner said...

Anyway, they probably keep him around because of his passion for sartorial excellence.

Kanna said...

i believe its because of his lederhosen or whatever that Heidi garb he wore once was. . .we hope for a encore.

Ok, maybe just "I" hope for an encore. However, my hubby owns a pair as well. Wouldn't that be cute? Speed Bump and George doing a halftime show?

George said...

I'm already one step ahead of you, Kanna. I'm working on the choreography right now!