Saturday, August 8, 2009

Portland 138, SF 120

Big victory for RCR.

DNN play-by-play with amusing comments here.


Anonymous said...

Wow...a win on THEIR turf. That's pretty damn cool. I'm so proud of

kanna said...

it was an incredible bout! Five minutes left. . .34 points down and WOJ gets the victory. Not to mention WOJ's defense held BAD to only two points in the last 15 minutes of the half.

Love those girls!!!!!

George said...

What is up with the blog here? No updates for 12 days? We have a new Heather from the draft two days ago, and we have Derby Daze this weekend. No news about any of that stuff? What gives?

The Coroner said...

Good point, George. I need to get off my ass.

George said...

Seriously Coroner, you act as if you have a life outside of derby. Don't you know that I check this site about a hundred times a day from my Blackberry hoping to get some scrap of derby news to get me through another miserable day? This is all I have. Don't take it away from me!

Kanna said...

Its true Coroner. . .George has been in the corner of his apartment for days now. . .rocking back and forth mumbling "where are the blog updates?"

It's a sad but true story :)