Monday, July 27, 2009

Ringer takes two Silver Medals at Quad Nationals; RCR moves up to 3rd in the West

Last Saturday, Izabell Ringer blazed around the track in Peoria in a few different events to take the Women's Masters Division overall Silver Medal, and an additional Silver in Mixed Relay at USARS Quad Nationals. It was a day of conquering adversity as her Mixed Relay partner suffered a dislocated shoulder, and Ringer herself was knocked to the floor by a dirty opponent during her individual heats. There is a photo of the floor burn that we shall not reproduce here without the burn owner's permission.

In other happy news, Rose City's Wheels of Justice moved up above Rat City and Bay Area teams to third place in WFTDA's Western Division Rankings.

They will spend that car wash money well.


Noz said...

Quad Nationals: More folks there than last year, very few Derby people (maybe 4?).
Some of the trickest Quad speed parts on the old dudes' skates (quick change axles with micro bearings? wtf?).
Floor was slow, very few records.
Zombie attack has cleaned out Peoria, Government conspiracy hiding the REAL truth (everything was empty or abandoned).
Ringer was/is pissed with Second (look out 2010!)

RCR placing: Funny thing, 3rd is first at Western Regionals.

They sent around a proposed schedule for comments, they had a statistical error in their seeding and had setup 3rd place as the best position (Nad remembers this).

Yea third.

George said...

I’m not part of that Face Book thingy that you kids are all so fond of, but I checked the official rankings at the WFTDA website, and sure enough we're ranked #3…BUT it also says that we're inactive for this quarter (scroll down to see where it says that "Leauges in gray are inactive for the quarter"). What gives???

George said...

Oh, and I almost forgot, RINGER ROCKS!!!

Ellen said...

RCR's inactive status doesn't affect our 2009 tournament play. It's an administrative thing w/ WFTDA. Don't worry your pretty lil' head over it. RCR will be active again next quarter. ;)