Thursday, July 16, 2009

Double Secret Carolina/WoJ bout doin's

Okay, so maybe "SOLD OUT" doesn't mean as much when you are only talking about five lucky people and their guests, but fear not WoJ'sters. The mighty DNN will be honoring us with a trip out west to bring the action of this bout to I know I have happily wasted some of my lifetime watching DNN's online feeds. Like ECE a couple of weeks ago. Yes, pre-City Championship here, I had the pleasure of watching Carolina fire back from behind and beat Boston 82 to 81 in the last two minutes, in my own home.

So you too can check it out if you haven' here. Or just go to

Now, if you don't want to sit and watch derby in the privacy of your own home, perhaps in your underwear enjoying a KFC Sadness bowl and a few PBR's, you can join the derby crowd at Kay's. Yes, right up the hood from the Hangar, Kay's at 6903 SE Milwaukie Ave. will be hosting a live feed viewing party. So you can still get your crowd scene on even if you aren't part of the crowd at the scene. Either way it's probably the only way to catch a bout you don't want to miss.

Now if you bother with DNN's Power Ranking silliness, you already know Carolina holds the 10 spot on their charts. Our beloved WoJ is sitting at number 12, which could mean our Wheels could gain some Top Ten status with a win. Now I realize this is "just" the DNN Power Rankings, but currently this system is the only overall master rankings of all the teams across the country, that actually moves with play throughout the season. It doesn't mean shit if WoJ doesn't win in Denver in October. Until then, a win against Carolina and some improvement in ranking don't hurt us none. You can check out DNN's pre Bout Preview here.

So don't just sit there, unless you want to. In which case, here is the link to view the bout... AGAIN.


George said...

Oh yeah JeLLyPiG, well I’m gonna be so drunk that I’m gonna be in my underwear at the hangar, not in the privacy of my own home. And I’m not going to be eating any KFC bowls, because food just soaks up the alcohol. It’s shaping up to be one of those empty stomach, no pants, alcohol poisoning nights that I seem to be so fond of!

kanna said...

oh dear sweet ganesh. . .anyone want to be responsible for George tonight? hehehehe

although, I am excited to see which pair of undies the hubby be wearing tonight? His WOJ panties perhaps????

George said...

I was thinking about my new purple WOJ panties that have the new logo on them, but this bout may be such an auspicious event that I have to bust out Vominatrix’s infamous bikini that I won off of Ebay last year. Clearly, I have a tough decision to make.

Noz said...

Uh... gotta say I wasn't aware you'd won those, and after seeing the photos... in some way feel violated.


kanna said...

Its been several days. . have your eyeballs recovered Noz? Fair warning . . .you may now suffer from post traumatic stress disorder

sump pump said...

George, thanks for the link. I feel much better now.