Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Heartless Heathers v. High Rollers Semi-Final Open Thread

photo by Chris Barnes

Saturday at the Oaks Park Hangar, the Heartless Heathers will once again meet the High Rollers, this time in Season Four's first semi-final match.

As you may recall, the High Rollers defeated the Heathers May 9, in a 136-110 sweet victory for the HRMF crew, and a rather bittersweet upset for a lot of Cadavers who, though hating to see their team in defeat, have high regard for the High Rollers, and respect for the longstanding High Heathers alliance.

Captain Ringer has promised to "bring it for the semis & finals," the team has high ambitions for the playoffs, and the fans are as rabidly loyal as ever.

I fully expect a Heathers victory Saturday, and a brutal scorched earth campaign to the June 27 championship.

Check in with your comments, and wave hello Saturday.



George said...

I have the utmost confidence that the Heathers will bring us another victory this Saturday. I can’t wait to witness it! Plus, as an added bonus, this bout gives me another chance to don my famous High Heathers shirt!


JeLLyPiG said...

I have racked my brains for something insightful to say here...any comment I offer at this point will only echo the crap I usually spew. No shocker.

The High Roller have shown they are capable of skating a good tight 60 minute bout. Of course there is the issue of having not yet demonstrated the ability to do so in consecutive bouts.

The Heathers have strung together a season where they demonstrated the ability to do the "little things" that define them as the team to beat. Of course they were beaten...ONCE.

I have faith the Heathers will show up ready to right the wrong of last months loss. I trust that the High Rollers will show up with something to prove. Of course, WE the derby faithful will then be treated to one hell of a bout. I couldn't ask for more...well I could and have. I do want to Heathers win but don't expect we'll be treated to a legendary Roller Derby Blow OUT. I think the new record was set last weekend Texas AT Oklahoma...451 to 8.


George said...

Who was at scrimmage last night? Who can tell me what happened? I heard rumors, and they weren’t good rumors…

Anonymous said...

Hey, what kind of rumors George? Our team looked great! Viaggraa puked in the garbage can but that was from slamming some gross energy drink! Hmmmm...
Email me George and we can chat!

D-Day said...

opps, that was me

Anonymous said...

Rally up your numbers and voices on Saturday Cadavers!! High Rollers Luck has run out!

kanna said...

GO HEATHERS!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry HRMF its all HPV for this gal this Saturday!

Mercgirl said...

I was happy for the HRMF girls last time, sad the win was against us, but glad to see them victorious, BUT HEATHERS POR VIDA!! I am all about this bout and have been saving my voice. Hanner will be getting off work at the park early to going me in the Ice Box and my friend Rob is now hooked and is coming with us too.
I say BAH to rumor and innuendo. HPVMF!!

the_mad_nader said...

On June 6th, 1944, 150,000 Allied soldiers braved six foot swells, machine gun fire, and millions of landmines, to storm and claim the beach in Normandy. This Army would eventually face even greater peril as they pushed forth, battling their way across Europe to the heart of Germany. Their final victory was the sum total of many battles, but it all began on this day. D-Day.

Sixty-five years later to the day, 15 Heathers will brave brutal hits, waves of body checks, and hordes of High Rollers fans, to storm their way to a win in the semis. This team will eventually face even greater obstacles, as they push forth to the Championship bout. Their final victory will be the sum total of many hard fought bouts against toughed opponents, but when they successfully defend their title as RCR Season Champions, it will have begun on this day. D-Day.

Good Luck Heathers, and good luck D-Day!

JeLLyPiG said...