Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Heathers Googling

Titania, The Mad Nader, and Dennis Culver have a comic book coming out from Oni in January TRUE TALES OF THE ROLLER DERBY: DOPPELGANGER AT THE HANGAR in which "Goodie Two-Skates is missing! And who are these new skaters–the freakishly perfect freshies that have suddenly shown up? The Wheels of Justice have to find Goodie and get to the bottom of this mystery before Nationals, or the Icy Blonde will succeed in corrupting the team forever!" This as a warm-up to the larger, graphic novel-sized project Nader and Titania are putting together for 2009. More on that soon.

Meanwhile, everybody's looking really good in the Flat Track Revolution shirts they bought at nationals, featuring the Che-like visage of Goodie Two Skates on a fine garment produced by your own Izabell Ringer and Slaybia Majora. We look forward to wearing more of their fine designs in the near future. Stay tuned!

Rocko Billy has a nice post at his blog about the recently completed national women's flat-track derby tournament. He has some good photo links as well as an embedded, extended series of nationals interviews from Moose at Derby News Network.


JeLLyPiG said...

Finally some resolution to "Ice Girls Finish Last"!!! ¿por quĂ© no?

izabell said...

Flagrant Promotion Alert!

FTR! Yup it's finally here, we are working on more products and a website and such. You can find us on myspace at:

You can purchase our premier Goodie Guevara shirt shown in swags awesome photo by emailing us at (for now until we get a site up and stuff)

The revolution will be worn!