Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh, substance

via DNN:

Nationals quarterfinals continue at 1pm Pacific time Saturday with (2e) Windy City vs. (3w) Rat City

WFTDA Nationals Friday: (1w) Texas Defeats (4e) Carolina in opening-round bout, 125-61 -- Texas advances to semifinals

WFTDA Nationals Friday: (1e) Gotham Dominates (4w) Duke City, 182-25 -- Gotham advances to semifinals

Aitch can't quit talking about the moment Miss E Vil put Beyonslay to the floor.


Generic Derby Fan said...

Did Aitch notice how Ms E was so preoccupied with putting Slay on the floor that Slay's jammer got by? LOL!

The Coroner said...

Snaps to you for the observation and context, Generic Derby Fan (in spite of the lamentable LOLspeak). The Derby it is a game of strategy, after all, and not just tactics.