Monday, October 6, 2008

West Regionals done. East Regionals next weekend. Northwest Knockdown next month.

Well, by now I'm sure you all know that, after suffering a bitter loss to the dreaded B.A.D. Girls, WoJ went on to destroy the Rocky Mtn Fight Club - a team that WoJ has OWNED the last couple times they've played.

After watching HOURS of live bout feeds, and getting frequent (and at some times constant) text updates from Noz who was at the Battle Royale live and in person, here are some of my takeaways.

1)The Texecutioners are back! The struggled through a tough, chippy battle with Rat City, then completely dominated B.A.D. in every way. Texas seemed to have been in a slump, dating back to last year's tourneys, but really getting scary this year. Let the Western Regionals serve notice that they have figured it out and are right back in the hunt as the #1 seed from the West going into next months Northwest Knockdown here in Pdx.

2. Rat City is truly one of the ELITE teams in the WFTDA. Dating back to before the Bumberbout in 2006 they have beaten just about every top quality team they've faced, and though they've fallen short of winning it all at Nationals, they are always right in the mix. Might this be their year?

3. Duke City's Munecas Muertas, long one of my favorite derby teams, played the the Cinderella role at this year's Western Regionals ball. Much like KCRW last year, they stormed into the top 4 and earned a Nationals berth from the lower seeds. Could they duplicate KC's dark horse run all the way to the championship?

4. B.A.D. has been making a lot of noise all year, schooling our Wheels of Justice twice. But their meltdown in the Regional championship bout vs the Texecutioners shows they still have some things to figure out before they're ready to take home the gold. Can they work out the kinks in time to challenge for the National championship next month?

5. Colorado has become an amazing hotbed of derby talent. Fielding TWO teams from Denver (Denver Roller Dolls and Rocky Mountain), and one from the nearby Colorado Springs (Pikes Peak Derby Dames), Colorado teams made up 25% of those invited to Regionals. Imagine how tough they'd be if those 3 leagues were merged into 1.

6. KCRW seems to have imploded after their phenomenal 2007 championship year. Even after their loss last month to Windy City I still thought they'd be back to defend their crown at Nationals. But Duke City stunned them in the 2nd round this weekend, sending KC packing early. With the impending retirement of Snot Rocket (currently the WFTDA co-record holder, along with Kamikaze Kim of Duke City, of the most points scored in a single-jam) the future looks to be a little rough for the Roller Warriors.

7. RCR's Wheels of Justice...what can you say about this team? I guess ultimately they finished last weekend's tourney right about where they should have given their ranking going in. Yeah, it would have been SWEET for them to skate in front of their home crowd in the Northwest Knockdown, but despite their hard-fought bouts, they just didn't have enough to break into the top 4. But they've taken some strides in the right direction this past year, and if they can find a way to finally win those close games, and get some more experience skating against quality opponents, they might be ready to make their first serious run at a National championship next year.

So there you have it. Entering the Northwest Knockdown from the West we have the TXRollergirls, B.A.D.Girls, Rat City, and Duke City. We'll have to wait until next weekend to find out who will make it from the East.

I'll be pulling for Charm City to follow Duke's lead and make it out of the lower seeds into the top 4, but that means they'll have to get past Cincinnati in the opening round and Windy City on day two.


JeLLyPiG said...

Nice breakdown.

TXRG was explosive and I'm hoping to see them bring that game to PDX this November, so I can see it in person.

Guess we'll see what next weekend holds...

Noz said...

Ringer and I just got back from Houston, and while I'll have lots to say later, I must say the Mad Nader's #1 comment is do dead right it's scary. Im not new to seeing Texas, I think this was the fourth tournament I've watched, not to mention the stack of DVDs, and the Kansas City/TXRG bout we hit in July. But never have I seen a team so adaptive, strong, cool headed, talented, and commanding. The Queens are back.


George said...

I’m back from Houston and back in the damn office. Overall, Houston was great. It was a real education for me to see three days worth of top notch derby unfold right before my derby-lovin’ eyes. I saw some great players/teams who really know how the game is supposed to be played. Of course I’m depressed as hell that Rose City didn’t make Nationals, but I’m very proud of our team for going that far and “holding their own” against the best in the west. I’d go again in a heartbeat. Three full days worth of derby isn’t enough for me! I want more, more, more!

The Houston Roller Derby girls did a great job of hosting the event, but I know we’ll do a better job of hosting Nationals here in Portland. Our venue is nicer/larger, our city is much more pedestrian friendly, out nightlife is better, and our after parties are WAY better. Not to knock the job that the Houston crew did, but we just have things too good up here in the Northwest. I met and talked with a lot of people who are coming to Portland for the Nationals (both players and fans) and it got me really pumped up for this November! I can’t wait!

intendeduse said...

Check out some footage I collected at the last WOJ and AA bout @