Friday, October 3, 2008

Round one and the Wheels are rolling in TeXaS!

Our beloved Wheels of Justice (5w) served it up 114 to 61 over the Denver Roller Dolls (12w) to advance to next round of the WFTDA Western Regional Tournament. Highlights include a 10-0 jam by Blood Clottia in the first half, Vom turning in 12 before being sent to the box midway through the first half. Denver did rally a bit towards the end of he first half, turning in single digit jams along with some tough defense from the monster Boo Boo Radley and Jersey Trouble dou to bring the first half to a Rose City 60, Denver 28 close.

The second half started with a full 2 minute 12-0 jam by Rose City."
DNN - Hurt Reynolds: After a careful scientific poll, 3 out of 3 DNN staffers agree that we don't know who jammed the first jam of this half". Shortly after our Vom pulled out of the pack and was soon after...sent to box for a Jammerless Jam. That doesn't put points on the board V !. But "In the Box" was regular occurrence for both sides in the second half as fouls stacked up. Rhea turned in a 9-0 jam before being sent to the sin bin bringing the score to 98 to 41 with 14:38 to go in the second half. Firecrotch jamming against Jersey Trouble crossed the century mark for the Rose City for a 101-43 lead. D. Konstructor then turned in a 5-0 jam to build on the Rose City lead. And "time in the box" continued with several Jammerless jams as the bout wound down.

The victory earns the WoJ the balance of the day off from play, they will face the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls at 8am CMT, tomorrow morning. (Damn, up at 6 on a Saturday...)

B.A.D. has the 4th seed position in this tournament and is stocked with all star players that are self proclaimed "Douchebags", it won't be a pretty or an easy morning for our WoJ. A win against B.A.D. would mean a place in the Semi Finals and a spot at National, here in the lovely Rose City this November. It also means a second bout Saturday night, but being roller derby superheroes is not an easy job. A lose means they are done...well not really there are a crapload of consolation games to this event but the season as the locals know it is over. So tomorrow is the most important game if they are to have a season that continues past this tournament.

Also advancing from round one thus far:

Duke City (9w) held off a second half rally by Pike Peaks(8w) for a 138 to 99 final. Duke City now has to play against Kansas City(1w) in Game 7, later today. Have fun Duke City...

Despite a tight first few minutes, Tucson (7w) handed Dallas(10w) a lose in a 112 to 52 win. Tucson played the bout very smart towards the end to save some gas, since they face Rat City(2w) in Game 8, as the last bout for this evenings play.

There is still one more first round bout to be played today, which pits Rocky Mountain against the home town heroes Houston.

You can read all the action live at DNN boutcast.

Watch the silly stream at:


The Coroner said...

Nice work, JP!

Great job, Wheels!

D-Day said...

Here is the houston video feed link:

this means we can watch WOJ/BADD live tomorrow, would that be 6am?

JeLLyPiG said...

Yes...6AM on a Saturday! It's going to leave a mark...