Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Video archive of the Heathers/Betties bout

Slice and dice these performances, if you will -


Anonymous said...

Dear authors of the coroner's inquest:

I haven't read any analysis of Heather's game place since the season opener. You guys have been awesome to archive what videos you can, but I want to hear your thoughts about the team, it's strategy, it's players, etc. You have taked more about the betties and GnR than you have of your heartless homies!

I guess what I am saying is: I want more from you. Can you hook a sister up?

With Love,
Wetback Attack

George said...

Wetback Attack,

I am currently on sabbatical from roller derby. I'll be returning for East Coast Extravaganza in Philly late June.

Also, as a side note, I am stuck in Missoula for work this week and won't be able to make floor tear down / set up for this weekend's bout. I'm bummed. This is the first floor tear down / set up that I've had to miss in five years.


The Coroner said...

I'll get on the stick, WA. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

JeLLyPiG said...


"That is a problem and we are working on it". Actually, I spit coffee out my nose when I read your post this morning, because it's funny...and true.(Way to call out the lazy bloggers.)

Since being branded a "hater" over on "the League" forum, I haven't posted much here because I tend to focus on the negatives, i.e. the things I think you can fix.

Like this bout where the Betties were allowed to skate their "fast left and hit a bitch" game instead of grinding it out more and taking their strength from them. Jumping to the front is fine if you control pace but being pushed into a fast game only makes sense for them.

Then there was the penalty problems where you are starting jams down in the pack count consistently, which doesn't aid in pack control.

Or the lazy stuff like not finishing blocks.(If you push her to the edge of the track...ride her out, don't give her six inches to pass after all that work!)

By my bout notes I should be talking about big jams by Whitey & Twat and the new Church of MERCY! (All praise MERCY!). Or encouraging to the team to watch the first jam of the second half and repeat, repeat, repeat.(Talk about control!)

After this bout with the long scoreless stretches of jams, I thought it was in all of our best interest if we let the video do the talking.

I love my team, like my own child and sometimes you both make me shake my head and wonder.

X's & O's