Thursday, September 16, 2010

People come and go. And forget to close the door, And leave their stains and cigarette butts trampled on the floor...

This here article implies that Ringer is gone from the Heathers for good, on to coaching Sick Town to get her derby ya-yas out. We salute her and revere her. Thanks for the great years, the speed, the championships, the leadership, the innovative tactics and strategies, the 35-point jams, the blood and guts.

On the flipside, via Facebook, we learn that TeqKillYa skates again. We're not sure if she's Fresh Meat yet, but we're told that there are drafts in October and December. If Boethius' Fortuna smiles upon us, TeqKillYa may again one day be a Heather.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, well it's true I did retire last season from RCR. I kind of slipped away in the night after a bad concussion last winter, which sadly I am still recovering from.

I'm still skating speed in quads, inline & ice. It's true, I do coach the STDDs and still live to skate. I keep involved/up to date with everything derby (of course), just not playing.

Thanks for the kind words Coroner. (And what's going on in that picture?!)

Perhaps I'll see you at Regionals & Nationals?


Amanda H&K said...

It's good to have you back, Coroner, wry wit and all.

The Coroner said...

Well, now that I look at that photo, Ringer, I see that you are, as we used to say on the high plains, "pulling out a snuggie" with your left hand.

Did they teach you to do that during cross-overs, or did you have to learn that yourself?

George said...

It’s the end of an era indeed. Ringer, you are one of the greats. And although I really enjoy following Sicktown, I’m going to miss you on the Heathers. The black arm band that I’m wearing this week in acknowledgement of Scratcher’s retirement, will stay on my arm for another week in salute to you. Heathers Por Vida!

See you at Regionals!