Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Glimpse at Next Year's Season

A little heartbreak and a little glory from last night: The Wheels of Justice fell to the Texecutioners 113 to 60. Meanwhile in Bend, the Axles of Annihilation blew out Lava City in a 185 to 50 match. Huzzah to both of our traveling teams for their efforts.

The schedule below appeared overnight at the Rose City Rollers site. My guess (informed by a conversation with Nader) is that the January 24th opener, and the June 27th Championship bout will be held at the Expo Center, with the other bouts (possibly excepting March's Wheels of Justice bout) to be smaller, shorter events at the Oaks Park Hangar. It will be an interesting season, indeed.

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George said...

I was in Austin for the bout, and it wasn’t that heartbreaking. Our girls played a good game and stayed out of the penalty box for the most part. Austin is a great town. All-you-can-eat barbecue and $1.50 beers keep a derby fan happy! My digital camera broke on the journey to Austin, so I had to get by with a disposable camera (GASP!). The photos are being developed and I’ll send some out as soon as I get them back (provided that disposable camera photos don’t look like TOTAL crap, that is). The after party was great and Austin has the best music and great food! The Austin roller derby girls are real hospitable and real friendly. Gotta love that southern hospitality!

As far as the 2009 schedule goes, it looks great to me! I love the “hanger bouts”, and getting the intra league play out of the way in the first six months of the year frees up the rest of the year for out-of-town games! Gotta love those derby road trips! Following RCR around is the best excuse to see parts of the country that I otherwise would never see! It’s all good. Here’s to another great drunken season in 2009!!! Yee Haw!!!