Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vominatrix has Left the Building

photo by George

It's official.

Well, We had had hints that this was probably coming.

Here's a link to her CI interview. A great personality.

Captain Ringer: "She'll always be a Heather."


JeLLyPiG said...

Oh this Pigz heart is breaking...

George said...

I’m still in denial from the first time that she announced that she’s retiring! This is just too much to bear! Don’t leave us, Vominatrix! I have abandonment issues!

Heathen said...

And I had such big plans for my Derby Virgin friend this weekend! See he was gonna see Vomi out there and fall instantly in love and we would have yet another hardcore Cadaver! Dammit! I am SO sad, seriously, but do understand.

Delusional Photography said...

Thanks for making the past 5 years so great everyone!

Don't worry I am not disappearing I just won't be skating in bouts :(

the_mad_nader said...

The only way I'm able to accept this is with the knowledge that (a) Vom will still be around [though not skating], and (b) she's got so many other exciting things going on in her life that by stepping back from derby Vominatrix now has the time spread the sickness to the non-derby community!

Keep us posted as to future events, exhibits, etc you're involved in Vom, and remember, HEATHERS POR VIDA = HEATHERS FOR LIFE