Friday, May 1, 2009

G'n'R vs. "Some Lovely Ladies of WA!", Friday, May 8

Via Twitter:

Please come to Guns N Rollers v. Some Lovely Ladies of WA! Friday, 5/8 at 8 pm-The Hangar at Oaks Park--$5!

Wow, full weekend of roller derby, that, because also:


George said...

Flippin' sweet! This is awesome. Another derby filled weekend! It just doesn't get any better than this! Next weekend will mark my sixth weekend in a row of watching at least one derby bout per weekend. And I'm nowhere near showing signs of derby burnout!

Unknown said...

For those interested in such things, I've posted pictures for the scrimmage.

I even have the most interesting "Curse You Blood Clottia" t-shirt pose picture.

The Coroner said...

Great shots, Sharkey, and funny as hell!