Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Buds pack a punch, but fall short on points

Faced with a long weekend made even longer by no derby, My fasha (Jellypig) and I made the drive down to Springfield to see the Rosebuds play the The Emerald City Gems. The bout was a chance to vindicate their loss to the Gems at the Bubblegum Rumble on April 26th. Unfortunately, the score ended up 72 Rosebuds to 110 Gems.

The Gems appeared to be smaller in size but they were definitely quick and agile. In beginning they were a little shaky because they usually practice a modified contact game, as the Rosebuds demonstrated in a mini-scrimmage before the bout began. However, they quickly became used to full contact and closed the point gap.Once the Gems established the lead they basically maintained it for the balance of the bout. Psycho-Crash of the Gems was a star jammer and blocker. Props also have to go to Gems, Twilight Temptation and Spider Lash for their jamming skills.

The Rosebuds were plagued with penalties, track cutting being the biggest and most damaging of the bunch. I believe this is partly due to the track which was a sport court with multiple lines including basketball lines and the yellow tape outlining the inside of the track had a tendency to blend in with the floor if the jammer was not paying attention. They also struggled with pack control, missing some opportunities to split the pack and score some points. The Gems also strung them out several times which allowed the Gems jammer an easy line through.

That being said, there were several Buds highlights and stand out players.

Kimora Lee Sinnin' has to get props for her blocking skills. She not only engages some great blocks but finishes those blocks, riding the opponent out.

Heff Her Up was an amazing blocker, not only did she set up the blocks well but she baits the opposition, then takes them out with authority. You can almost see the smile on her face when she does. She's definitely the bad ass of the bunch, she reminds me of a young Sol Train.

Braidy Punch is probably one of the best all around skaters whether shes wearing the stripe, sporting the star or blocking in the pack she does it all really well. She is the most creative jammer in the team, she's finds her hole and punches her way through. Hopefully, she's still in Portland in 5 years because she'd look really good in blue.

Despite the loss, the Rosebuds should be damn proud of the bout they skated. Every player out there did a great job and frankly, the level of play is reminiscent of where their bigger counterparts were in the first season.

If you are a true fan of the sport you owe it to your self to check out a Buds bout sometime soon.

(JeLLyPiG: Since this was a Jr. bout, I thought it only fitting to have my Jr. Derby partner write the post.)


The Coroner said...

Nice post, JP's junior derby partner (daughter?). Thanks for the good reporting!

JeLLyPiG said...

Yes it was my Daughter Bailey. It's serves as proof that she does listen to me, LOL!

D-Day said...

Nice post! Its great to see the JP family in the house. I cant say enough about our Rosebuds, their mad skills and positive additudes are truely inspiring. Look forward to another game in Eugene next month, hope to see you there again.