Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sump Pump Fundraiser Update

The Sump Pump fundraiser at the April 25 bout, including sales of T-shirts, donations, and a raffle, raised over $1500 for Sump's uncovered medical expenses and lost income. Meanwhile the Paypal donation campaign has raised over $650.

So the good news is that the $1000 deductible for Sump's surgery is covered, though we don't yet know from what else is not covered by insurance (special procedures, treatment exceeding the $25,000 cap). And with Sump needing at least four more weeks of rest and healing, her lost income is sure to leave some personal funding gaps.

So great work, everyone. The Rose City Rollers have a great community!

If you can give a little more now, please do! We'll keep you posted!

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Anna said...

The paypal link has netted $1100 so far. Thanks everybody! I haven't received a hospital bill yet, but I am nervously anticipating it any day .