Saturday, April 25, 2009

Breakneck Betties 184, High Rollers 104 post mortem open thread

Thanks George for the scores. Please discuss the bout, if you will, in the comments.
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JeLLyPiG said...

Wow...and not in the good way either.

The irony of having said, just last week: "We are way past Skate Fast, Hit Hard here." is not lost on me. Through out this bout I thought "I hope Richard is here and as bored as I am." Oh it wasn't as loop sided as:

#18 Arch Rival Roller Girls (St Louis MO) 45 a@ #2 WCR (Chicago IL) 186 FINAL
West Texas Roller Dollz (Lubbock TX) 48 @ #9 DENVER R.D. (Denver CO) 313 FINAL

But the Betties dominated the High Rollers. This makes perfect sense because the whole bout was that patented Breakneck style of play. The only saving grace is it does prove my theory of skating to your strengths, it’s just too bad the High Rollers allowed it to happen.

If you wonder what I mean when I say “executing” or “playing smart”, it's the opposite of what most the High Rollers did this weekend. No dis to any individual players, they just did some really dumb sh!t out there collectively.

Prime example? Having the Power Jam, with 3 blockers to the Betties 2 and not racking up major points. WHY? Because those blockers were so busy keeping up with the Betties and engaging them that they blocked into their own Jammer, who ended up to the floor. Split the pack? 20 feet? These aren’t radically new concepts when you own the Power Jam are they?

I actually went to whole heartedly root for the High Rollers. I then found myself 15 minutes into the bout enjoying conversation and those tasty 16oz “Derby Kisses” more than the bout.

There were moments when we saw that High Rollers team that had started the season so well. They did a respectable job of running that quick jam game from time to time, which did help put 104 points on the board. I continue to be impressed by White Flight, she does see a line and has the speed. Bumps did her thing, just not really enough to make a difference. The defensive high was how well they seemed to tie up Dee Konstructor about half the time but they had no defensive answer for Rhea and Licker.

The Betties just did the thing they love to do. It was the same old line ups and that handful of usual jammers doing their thing. They set the tone early, controlled the pack and the pace of the game the whole bout.

That being said, I am not advocating underestimating the High Rollers come May 9th. I do think there is a good team buried underneath the sloppy, silly play we saw this weekend. I know most of the Heathers were there dissecting what they saw, talking and planning for the next time they faced those teams. That was cool to see and hear.

The other very cool thing about this bout was the support and concern for Sump. There were bunches of people sporting those “Sump Aid” shirts and the Delta Cafe Raffle proceeds went to the Sump fund. For my part, I feel short of my personal goal of ten by just one can of 16oz goodness. A fella has gotta have goals!

George said...

Excellent write-up, JeLLyPiG. I would like to add two small comments: I too am impressed with Wight Flight and her speed. The High Rollers have some of new talent this season and it’s always good to see the new players out there making contributions. Secondly, I think that this is one of Skippy Steve’s best photos ever!

the_mad_nader said...

As always, JeLLyPiG's analysis is spot on and really captures the core of this game: playing to your strengths.

The Betties are now, and always have been, a team that relied on phenomenal individual performances. While they may have lost a few notable skaters (Megahurtz, Ava Sk8rix, etc) after the 2008 championship, they have retained the majority of their strongest skaters (Rhea, DK, Monroe, etc) and have added some key new and transferred skaters (Scrappy, Licker, etc).

From what I saw it seems clear that the Betties are back; I think they've made the adjustments to life after some of their charter members left, and have to be right back in the conversation as potential opponents for the Heathers in the fight for the 2009 Championship.

The High Rollers on the other hand really wasted a lot of their advantages and truly were their own worst enemy; I'm not saying they would have won if they'd played their best game, but it certainly would NOT have been over in the first half.

The inability to adapt to the way the refs were calling it and skater stay out of the box killed every mini-rally they seemed to put together. When one skater seemed to be catching fire (Wreck blocking from the 4-spot, Bunny jamming, etc) they went away from it. I know Wreck is a dangerous jammer, but she went to the box far too often giving the Betties power jam after power jam. On the other hand, no High Roller did a better job of single-handedly disrupting the the opposing jammer's entry to the pack than Wreck.

When you've got Bunny, Bumps, Sully, and White Flight I don't think I'd have them do anything OTHER than jam...and I'd reserve Wreck for her terrific back-of-the-pack blocking, and only jam her if absolutely necessary.

Still and all, the High Rollers really DO have one of the more talented teams in the league - it's just their game play that always kills them. As JeLLyPiG says, if they can put to rest all their sloppy, silly play, they most certainly are a threat the Heathers cannot afford to overlook come May 9th.

JeLLyPiG said...

Busted! LOL!!! I was drinking for the cause...Thanks for the post George, I needed the laugh.

the_mad_nader said...

If you need another excuse, just say you were drinking my share of the PBR - It was a "dry" bout for me as I helped track stats from on high.