Friday, April 24, 2009

Bout Tix and FREE BEER!!!

It's Friday and that Rocketmean is up to her scavenger antics. At stake today is 2 free ViP tickets for Saturday's bout and...(wait for it)...FREE BEER!

First hint?

 Kim Stegeman RCR Hunt - our first home: a nasty basement at a bowling alley.2 of my business cards are on the bike rack outside-grab 1 and text me to win.

Of course with free beer on the line, one went very quickly! LOL! There is still one out there.

So, I am planning to take the money I would have spent on beer and donating it to the Sump Pump recovery fund, anyone want to match my donation??? The more I drink, the more I help!

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Noz said...

You are a scholar and gentleman Pig, top notch.