Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oregonian Article

Big full-color splashy feature on RCR in today's Oregonian O! section (not the sports section, of course, but whatever).

The usual human interest puff piece with a "hard times" twist.

But it's coverage before the big bout, and as Rocket Means says in the article, "If that doesn't sell, we're gonna be screwed."

Can we get a pull-quote on that?


JeLLyPiG said...

O! That's some well timed coverage and based on the last bout, SFA is a great up and comer to focus on.

The important question in my mind is:
How did the WoJ v Rat City scrimmage go? Anyone? Anyone?

The Coroner said...

JP, about that scrimmage, heard that Rat City didn't send a full-force crew and that it was an RCR blowout. Not to diminish RCR's victory. We saw this past spring what RCR could do with a full-force RCRG crew.

George said...


Kanna and I went to Centralia to see the scrimmage. I forget the exact score(s), but we annihilated them two-hundred-something to thirty-something. AoA also did quite well. I think the score was eighty-something to thirty-something. Yes Coroner, Rat City only brought a skeleton crew. Some of their players were in Texas playing on another all star team I heard.

It was really worth the drive up there. Some Eugene girls and some rainy city girls also played with AoA.

JeLLyPiG said...

Oh yeah, how could I forget about Team Legit at the Battle of Bank last weekend. I figured the Rats would use it as a tune up for their trip east next weekend for the ECE.

Thanks for the update.