Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Docket

Here's the doin's:

The Rosebuds are having an outdoor skate on Saturday, June 20, followed by a "crafty session to make the championship trophy." You're probably not invited.

But you are invited to the big swingin' High Rollers' Hot Wheels Roller Disco Party that very night at 9 p.m., hosted at MotoCorsa Ducati Dealership, 2170 NW Wilson St.

Five bucks cover, three dollar beers, and mixed drinks for four smackers. Snacks.

This party has been months in the planning and promises to be spectacular. I can't make it, but tell Dancing Scott I said hi.


George said...

Am I the only one who is fighting a strong desire to make an inappropriate comment about Wreck Deckard's ass on that motorcycle? I mean, normally I'm reserved and not prone to making inappropriate comments, but DAMN that's hot!

scrappy said...

i think we all concur, george. it goes without saying.