Saturday, June 27, 2009

Heathers and Betties Victorious.

Heathers 186, GnR 153
Nice photo. Fat Tire much?


intendeduse said...

Personally, I can't wait to see a season of star Heathers fully recovered (Firecrotch, I'm looking at you), backed by a team of women that have evolved the capacity to play several, if not all, positions strongly.

Great to see Goodie make steps to justify her well deserved rep... it's been way too long since she's been on the track; I think that I can speak for all of us Cadavers as we heatedly thank you very much for the reappearance.

Greatness comes to us fans of derby wheeling in on skates, and I think that we witnessed it once again tonight as the deep talent of the Heathers held their own against and overcame an arguably stronger/healthier team.

Sol Train, you made me think that it was 2007 again... goddamn. Teqkillya... I don't even have words. Scratcher, I might have to pass the WTF trophy someday to White Flight, but JESUS you've taken some hits.

All I can say for certain that win or lose, I'll remain a Cadaver as long as the team represents. Every bout the Heathers continue to impress us stationed on the floor, even missing substantial players.

God help the league when the H.H. are up to full speed.

~Z said...

Wow. I feel a little spoiled after last night. We, as derby fans, were treated to two amazingly intense, well played, hard fought bouts. As Heathers fans, we were treated to a superb performance by by our team, over a hard-hitting G'n'R squad. For all four teams last night, it didn't seem like anybody held anything back.

For the Heathers, Sol Train was rolling, hard. Some of the hits she placed last night - especially late in the second half - were outstanding. She also skated an impressive and pivotal jam late in the second half, cementing the Heathers lead.

Viagrra Falls also had an amazing night. She took her fair share of hits, jammed well in a number of jams, and seemed to have a great night blocking, too.

As intendeduse already stated, Scratcher took some serious abuse last night, as G'n'R seemed to really want to put a hurting on the Heathers at times. And Teqkillya had another solid bout from start to end.

It was AWESOME to see Goodie tearing it up on the track last night, too. Jamming and blocking, she didn't leave anything on the bench - she brought it all out on the floor with her, and it showed. She is also amazing at being a cheerleader for her team (and lent her skills and voice to HR in the second bout).

Mick U Cry continues to bring more and more impact to every jam she is in. She is quickly becoming one of my favorites to watch on the track. Lastly, it was great seeing Ringer do such a wonderful job managing the team last night. Though not skating, she seemed to be just as intense managing the team as she would have been skating along side them.

Can't wait to see what the Heathers bring next season! Congrats, ladies, as fans you made us all proud last night.

Final note, White Flight was amazing to watch in the second bout last night. I think I could probably gush about her as much as I could anyone from last night. If anyone reading this hasn't seen that girl skate, you have missed something amazing so far...

Slaybia said...

That was a great night and so many people brought their A game. It took us a couple of losses but we finally got our mojo back and played as one with No Mercy!
Very proud of all my ladies and extremely thankful to you awesome fans for sticking by us through thick and thin. We couldn't do it without you.
I let Ringer take home our 1st ever 3rd place trophy since I still have last season's championship one - that's fair right?


Unknown said...

I am very proud of our team - second half last night we really bounced back from all the trials of the season and played like the team we have become known for. Our goals were to have fun first and foremost and second to win. We accomplished both those goals and ended our season on an up note despite not making it to the championship.

It was a tough decision for me to sit out, I really really wanted to play, the first half was total torment not playing, (I have a number of serious injuries including a cracked rib & SC/AC separation). By half time I knew the team could do it, I sensed the strength to come, and we did, so awesome, so proud.

In looking over our jammer stats, Sol Train definitely was the pivotal jammer that led the turning point in the game. In Jam 28 she went to the box where Angry wrench put up some big numbers against us pulling them to a 16 point lead. Sol started jam 29 in the box, about the time Sol hit the floor Brutalis was sent to the box and Sol's fury combined w/ smart blocking proved an awesome combo getting her a 25/0 point run followed by a 15/0 jam by Goodie which really put the nail in the coffin with a 26pt lead. From there on the afterburners seemed to fire up and Viagrrra, TeqKillya and Goodie all solidified the win putting some solid numbers up on the board.

Statistically speaking, cuz I do love me some stats, Goodie had some nice jammer stats (+28 jpd in a total of just 3 jams - that's jammer point differential, points scored minus points scored against). That said, I saw great great things from every player on the floor, every blocker and every jammer, girls came to play and stepped up to the challenge.

Thank you fans for being there for us throughout the season, you ruled last night too and we appreciate it so much!


p.s. thanks Slaybia for being so gracious w/ the trophies. I seriously think you NEED this years though.

Hannah said...

Thank you, ladies, for skating an AMAZING bout for us on Saturday. Win or lose, you will always be my favorite team (but it always warms the spot where my heart used to be to watch ya'll kick some ass).



intendeduse said...

This win and all, I gotta call out other Cadavers... the fan base has been getting quiet. Certain Betties (Who will remain unnamed) have admitted to me that the traditional Heathers chant ("Heath-ers, Heath-ers") was hard to skate against, was infuriating, and is now absent.

Seems to me that currently there's a fractured but vocal floor level/danger zone fan base, but that the Icebox has thawed. Us Cadavers have to be willing to represent and cat-call win or lose... otherwise, we're just like the fair-weather Betties fans who deserve to be educated about derby.

But then, I'm just a lifer Heathers man, win or lose.

Anonymous said...

They kicked my ass on Saturday but was still fun. No injuries and I got to block this bout which is the first time in a long time. It was great to see Tequillya, Sol Train and Goodie play so superiorly. I think Viagra had one of the best games of her life. Did anyone else see her take out Smakya and Kittie in one hit. Phenomenal!


Unknown said...

Regarding Viagrrra's big hit, I think it was Wrench & Smack in one fell swoop! And yes that was sweet.

Noz said...

, "p.s. thanks Slaybia for being so gracious w/ the trophies. I seriously think you NEED this years though."

If ya'al didn't see the trophy,... it's quite phallus.

Ribbed, even.


one of the crying said...

I can't wait to see more of Mobi, Mick, and, as always, Goodie. Scratcher will always be a favorite not just because of her jamming ability but as a blocker. There's always a lot of talk about skaters being 'too small' and I think Scratcher is a prime example of why that is such a nitwit belief. Ruby's coming along nicely and Viagrrra can hit as hard as the 'big girls'. Any ideas on who's staying and who's going?