Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Few Words with Viaggra Falls

Viagrrra Falls, photo by Delusional Photography

VIAGGRA FALLS: I'm 33, Live in NE 1 bd apartment with my awesome Husky Terra, and kitty Sassy.
My beverage is Yerba Mate iced tea (don't drink alcohol)
Energy food of choice is Chocolate, wheat- free pasta, and sushi!
I've been on the Heartless Heathers for 3 years

CORONER: How did you get involved with the Rose City Rollers?

I had first heard about Roller Derby from Jeffrey Wonderful ("other" founder of league) and how they wanted to start a team up in Portland. I had performed with Jeffrey in the past with Portland Organic Wrestling (POW). It was this crazy, campy, artist, Punk-rock wrestling show that showed for about 4tyears that started at Satyricon. Its was sort of WWE meets GWAR, with grotesque stuff being sprayed onto the audience mixed in with crazy acrobatic wrestling moves all wrapped up into artsy skits. At the end of all shows I was mostly covered in Beer or sour milk. Good times.

Sure, Derby sounded fun, and had met a few girls already skating, but I figured I should wait 'til I had health insurance. I never gave it a second thought 'til I went to the very first exhibition in October 2005. OMG I had no idea what the hell was happening, but something tingled inside and I was hooked! I wanted to know how to get involved, where the practices were, the whole sha-bang! Although I didn't start showing at practices till about January and just got "thrown in". This was all before we actually started having Fresh Meat tryouts, and most of us just "heard" about it and showed up.

I think you were the first person I ever associated with Portland Roller Derby, through the salon you worked at. I remember waiting for a haircut and hearing you talk about roller derby, Fresh Meat, the Heathers, and all of that and being rapt with sideways attention. Then you got drafted to the Heathers. What year was that? When you got drafted, was that when you changed from "Space Case" to Viagrrra Falls? In other words, what's your derby history to date?

Awwwe yes, I was on Fresh Meat for about 7 months before I got drafted to HH, then that was a long time to be on FM. I will be honest, I was a total train wreck when I first started with RCR. I really didn't know how to skate that well, tripped over my own skates, and everyone around me would get tangled up in my skates or land on top of me when I would fall in front of them. Not a pretty sight.

I had fallen in love with HH after attending a few of the parties and really connected with the girls personalities and style. It was totally me. I went home right away and e-mailed the captain, Vominatrix at the time, and told her I definitely wanted to be a Heather and would stay on FM until then. I happen to go through 3 drafts w/o getting picked. Then in August of that year was Rollercon, Derby convention in Vegas. I decided to go for 10 days (never again that long in LV) but learned how to REALLY skate and play derby. Mostly I think it finally brought up my confidence. I came back improved 10x's better and many noticed. 2 months later in October 2006, I was drafted to the HH.

Oh the name...I wasn't really feeling "spacecase" and wanted something more raw and wanted more of a reaction. I had heard of the name from a fellow league mate, Axle Blows, and couldn't stop thinking about it. So when I went to Rollercon I needed a change because I knew my derby "career" was shifting. Viagrrra Falls! at first I thought it was going to be temporary but it fit me and stuck. I stay hard no matter what and keep going, and going, and going.....

Did you skate a lot growing up?

Nope not really, went to the skate rink like maybe 4 times when younger then roller bladed for like a year is all.

I have always been athletic. Snowboarding, Surfing, Backpacking, Yoga, you name it. Although never was good a games

You are so solid, stellar even, at each position now, and are a lynchpin for the Heathers. When and how did you really hit your stride as a skater?

Ummm, Well probably last year. I had been to many skate camps, Derby conventions, private lessons and it finally started paying off. I had been getting more skate time, in which boosted my confidence but I had problems with stage fright and would falter. I think there was one game at a very crucial point, that I had scored 20 points for the first time ever, and helped to bring the spirits up for my team. We happen to have won that bout and I gotten MVP for that game. Overall I realized that my team DID believe and trust me but I needed to trust myself and them. The rest of that year, playing on Travel Team had helped me improve my skills further.

This year has really been the key point of my play. I feel more confident and when so many of my teammates had become injured or burnt out I felt I had to step up.

The Season's coming to a head. What is your perspective on what has transpired so far between the four teams, and what's ahead?

Wow, how much more balanced our level of intra-league play has become.

I'm really exited for the High Rollers to bring it out! They have always had great players but have been missing something.

What do you most look forward to doing when the season is over?

My season is not done yet. I do have a game in July with AoA playing the Key Areana in Seattle. Hopefully I will get a break after that. Then, OMG, surfing, camping, spending time with my "other" friends, hanging out with my dog...Im sure I can fill my time up!

Did you grow up around here? If not, where, and how did you get here?

I moved from Salt Lake City Utah, where I had been living for 10 years. Before that I was an Army Brat (DAD In the Army) and moved every 2-4 years since birth.

What are you occupied with outside of derby?

I've been a Hair artist for 12 years working full time at Salon & Spa Bliss.

Try to get in some yoga, weight training, Surfing, camping, snowboarding, Recovery, writing, meditation, walking the pooch, trying to find time for friends and family.

You've been busy with the league for so long - how do you keep your energy level up for both derby and life?

Wow its hard. Unmedicated hyper-mania. ;-} I do the best I can but sometimes I "crash and burn" and need to take a few days off.

Anything else fans and other skaters should know about flat-track roller derby, the Heathers, you?



Terrichad said...

Great match tonight! Way to bring it on in the final 15 minutes.

intendeduse said...

MAN, I missed the great knockdown blocks against Wrench and Smack Ya, but what I did see was a testament to your part of a Heathers' greater calling toward a diversity of player's ability.

Heathers 2010. Simple as that.

~Z said...

Great to see an interview with my favorite Heather! I remember the bout the Viagrra spoke of - where she came out and lit it up off the line for 20+ points in a single jam. We as Heathers fans (and fans of her, specifically) were going CRAZY!

It has been great watching her continue to improve bout to bout, and her performance in the finals last night just continued the trend. Kudos for the interview, and kudos to Viagrra!

Mick said...

You rocked it last night lady!