Thursday, January 22, 2009

Volunteer opportunities a knockin'

Tonight (Jan 22) around 8:30 at the Oaks Park Hangar, the Heathers would love some assistance picking up the skating track for transport to the Expo Center to Saturday's bout. I hope to see you there.

Ruby Bruiseday reports that Friday she will be at the Expo Center around 2 - 6 p.m. to decorate the Ice Box. "If any ice-boxers want to come and
decorate that would be great. Cheer Loud!

Ringer chimes in on other things Cadavers can help with:

"We also have bout jobs on Friday and Saturday. We could use people to help with those if they can:

Friday 1/23 9-1 LIGHTS
Friday 1/23 1-3 Floor
Friday 1/23 3-6 Floor/Track
Saturday 1/24 10p-done LIGHTS

As not what your Heathers can do for you - ask what you can do for your Heathers.


Unknown said...

Hello Cadavers! Nurse Ratched here. So, unfortunately my real job of stamping out disease and saving lives is preventing me from attending the bout this weekend. I know you will make me proud with your loudness in my absence. We will reunite in February, if the healthcare gods allow it!

The Coroner said...

We'll miss you, Nurse! Maybe Willful Miss can keep us properly goosed up!

Miss Conduct PDX said...

I'm much shyer than Ratched.



Miss Conduct PDX said...

Oh, PS: STOP saying that Vom is going away. You are breaking the thin verneer of denial that is keeping me sane.