Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 Wheels of Justice - A Mega-Monster Team!

George kindly tells us in the comments that WOJ's new line-up is

Axl Blows
Blood Clottia
Madame Bumpsalot
BustHer Spines
Rhea DeRange
D. Konstructor
Fire Crotch
Itzo EZ
Layla Smackdown
Leet Speaking Missile
Licker N Split
Scratcher in the Eye
Sol Train
Sump Pump
Viagrrra Falls
Angry Wrench

I am always last to know.


The Coroner said...

Oh, that gee-darned graphic came in too big. Well, I'll fix it tonight after work.

George said...

Well, maybe I shouldn't have let the cat out of the bag...maybe that was told to me in confidence and I was supposed to keep my big mouth shut...oops! Oh well...

Why no Vominatrix??? Why, why, why?

George said...

No, Coroner. I thought that you did that on purpose. You did say Mega-Monster Team. I assumed that the graphic was meant to be "mega-monster" too. HA HA HA HA HA!

firecrotch said...

I don't think the cat was supposed to be let out of the bag until the bout on the 24th. Shame on you George! What's posted on a non-public forum (which is the only place you could have seen this information) should not be reposted to a public forum. Sorry for being an asshole, but we/RCR haven't even announced who made AOA & WOJ on our own website yet.

The Coroner said...

AOA posted their lineup on MySpace on January 6.