Friday, January 23, 2009

Cadaver Pre-Funk @ WFKC

Just a reminder, as usual a number of us will be meeting at the World Famous Kenton Club before the bout this Saturday - let's say, around 3ish.

In addition to their long history of supporting our beloved Heathers - and even longer history with roller derby - the WFKC has stunningly cheap drinks, great BBQ, and is only a quick MAX ride away from the Expo Center, so you can enjoy an adult beverage without the worry of driving - or paying for parking at the Expo.

Hope to see you all there!

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The Coroner said...

I remember being 11 and having to beg my parents to let me go see The Kansas City Bomber in the local theater. They thought it would be too racy for my fragile little moral mind. Oh, and that endless match race at the end!

Have a blast at the Kenton Club. We may have to consolidate with y'all next time at the Worlds Famous Kenton Club, but tomorrow the Vernon Neighborhood Cadavers Contingent and Auxiliary (complete with three derby virgins) will convene at 3:30 at Pause Kitchen and Bar, 5101 N Interstate Ave. Not a Heathers sponsor, mind you, but excellent sliders.