Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Docket

Heathers Por Vida insignia by Aitch, chalk on sidewalk, Corvallis OR, 08/23/2008

Here's the doin's:

New derby league in Corvallis, OR kicks off with a fundraiser, this Friday night at 8, at 126 SW 4th St, in Corvallis, oddly enough. I guess that club is called Platinum. Bands will play. Merry will be made. Funds will be raised.


Oct 3rd-6th WOJ at Western Regionals in Houston Texas.

WFTDA Western Regional Tournament in Houston, Texas, featuring our own Wheels of Justice battling their way toward the National Championships right here in Portland, Oregon in November.

RCR Tryout Stuff:

Tryout clinics, where you learn things down there at Oaks Park, about trying out and stuff, presumably at the hangar:

First One - Oct 4th 2008, 3pm - 5pm
Second One - Oct. 11th 2008, 3pm - 5pm

Lots of info at the link above on what to bring, who not to bring, etc.

Actual tryouts, where you try out:

Tuesday October 14th 6:45 - 8:45pm

Go try out. It's a tryout, after all.


George said...

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it or not (maybe only a dozen times), but I’M GOING TO HOUSTON FOR THE REGIONALS NEXT WEEK! I am so damn excited! The Wheels of Justice and eleven other roller derby leagues all in one place! It boggles the mind just to think about it. Three solid days of derby with an after party each night. This is what I’ve been training for – sitting on the floor next to the jamline for hours, becoming overly intoxicated every night, screaming until I loose my voice. All of it culminates into one long derby-filled weekend in Houston. I’m more than ready!!!

On a different subject, why is the Corvallis league named “Sick Town”? What’s the story behind that? I want a t-shirt with that logo on it! It looks cool!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. . .George is serious too.

He's been focused and training hard. Pints of Bushmills and Rolling Rock get drunk every night as he sits on the cold floor of his basement SCREAMING, excuse me, "training" while watching old bout footage.

He's been getting up early and doing this on weekends too. Preparing, oops, "training," for those early morning bouts in Houston.

I love my deadicated derby hubby.

Noz said...
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Noz said...

We'll be there to George, get in Thursday afternoon, staying at the Lancaster just down the street from the event. 20 games, hope my ass is ready.

ST Double D party was fun, Corvallis is a strange town. So slow, so quiet. Lots of ECRG girls made it up. High point was full contact musical chairs on skates. Actually, some serious injuries.

"sick town" comes from the loose indian translation for that area of the valley. And of course, all the fun with playing on the STD inferences. Hit up Ringer or Slaybia for a T-shirt (which look incredible, btw), Ringer did the logo and Slay printed them. They ran out of their first run, sold everything at the party.


Miss Conduct PDX said...

Heather's Championship party 9:30 pm on October 25th.

Stay tuned to this station for more details, right, Coroner?