Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Docket

Vominatrix lays some keister into Rat City's Carmen Getsome. Photo by Axle Adams, aka Jules Doyle.

Bad blogger, I know. Late August through early September was a blur of weddings, bashes, bicycle wrecks, and other such stuff that kept me from my keybo ard duties, but on this beautiful Sunday of what promises to be a great week of roller derby, we hereinbelow present the doin's:

Cheap Ticket Night is Wednesday, September 17, from 7 - 10 p.m. or so at Rogue, Beulahland, Night Light Lounge, Kay’s Bar and Oaks Park Skating rink. Go have a booze with some skaters, get some merchandise, and get your cheap tickets for . . .

Saturday night's Wheels of Justice revenge match against the Arizona Terrors, with the Axles of Annihilation facing down Sacred City. Last known home bout until Nationals, so get with the program. Watch those fab Wheels try to follow last week's Rat City-whompin' act to further glory. Bask in that reflected glory.

Oh and say, they're still raffling that Harley courtesy of Heathers sponsor Team Latus Harley Davidson.


Miss Conduct PDX said...

"Bike wrecks"?! Hope all is well!

The Coroner said...

i"Bike wrecks"?! Hope all is well!

Thanks. My pride was injured more than anything else. At least the bicycle accident gave me one of those, "gee, I'm stupider than I thought I was" moments of personal revelation.