Saturday, September 6, 2008

DNN: #10 Rose City shuts down #3 Rat City, 154-63

Derby News Network is reporting that Rose City Rollers demolished Rat City tonight.

Congratumalations, RCR.


George said...

Oh yeah, they demolished them all right. But not as demolished as I was. Man, was I ever DRUNK! If anybody saw me there, please let me know what I was doing. I remember having a good time, but that was about it. The last 15 minutes of the bout and the rest of the evening was a total blackout for me. Red wine, a pint of Yukon Jack, and about a dozen PBRs sent me over the edge. But what I can remember of it was GREAT!!! I love bouts at the hangar and I thought that RCR did a great job of setting it up and putting it on.

Anonymous said...

George, if only someone had come up with a witty phrase to describe this condition you speak of...and put that witty phrase on a sticker and then slap tagged the Honey Bucket at the bout, well...that would have been AWESOME, Dude.

It was one of those charged nights of derby action which when combined with reasonably priced beer and free parking...melts a derby fans heart.

As unsettling as it may sound, this bout was almost as good as the '08 City Championships. Remember that one???