Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh yeah. Scores.

Here are the scores from last Saturday's opening mini-tournament

Round 1:

Guns n Rollers 72, High Rollers 67

Heartless Heathers 41, Breakneck Betties 78

Consolation Round:

High Rollers 34, Heartless Heathers 54

Final Round:

Guns n Rollers 44, Breakneck Betties 60

Some tough bouting, that.

JeLLyPiG may be by with his comments in a top-line post. Meanwhile, if anybody has any thoughts on Saturday night's competition, feel free to leave a comment.

UPDATE: Bout coverage from the PSU Vanguard


KBLOW said...

I thought it ironic how GNR slowed the pack. Seemed a few of them were quite 'gainst that type of thing last season.

Anyway, It was good to see the Heathers pull out a win in the second round.

The Coroner said...

Yeah, there was a lot of pack stoppage by GnR, plenty of examples in the bout 1 (the GnR stop game starts at 5 - 6 minute mark).

I can't condemn it, because it can be an excellent and legal tactic, one that was used by almost every top team at Nationals this year.

Still it is, as you said, ironic. Supremely so, even, given the vitriol the Heathers were subjected to last year for such smart play.

KBLOW said...

I was hoping to get your dander up a little more than that.

The Coroner said...

Oh, you and everybody else within 100 feet of me Saturday night knew my dander was up plenty then.

Of course you also know that revenge is a dish best served cold.

Mercy FU said...

there is a difference between trapping one to slow the pack and intentionally destroying the pack by coming to a complete stop without trapping a player.

3.1 vs 4.0, I guess.

The Coroner said...

Thin gruel, that.

Anonymous said...

Like when GnR took to a knee several times last season. Mostly noted when blood scored 25 points. They weren't intentionally splitting the pack then were they? Seems like the heathers used the trap one strategy rather than splitting the pack. They also used going reverse direction on the track to better there position which got there captains called the b word by certain GnR players.

I think its great that GnR is finally using the rules to there advantage instead of complaining about others.

Anonymous said...

New Year...New Season....New Team...New Rules...New Attitude...New or old, right or wrong...lets just focus on playing the sport that we all love..

Anonymous said...

my vagina is 8 miles wide

The Coroner said...

Anonymous is my favorite commenter.