Monday, February 23, 2009

Help find Layla Smackdown's missing purse

Extraordinary bummer: Layla Smackdown, beloved skater for the High Rollers and the Wheels of Justice, sets her purse down for a few minutes at the Heartless Heathers Anti-Valentine's Day Party and returns to find it gone:

My purse was taken on Saturday night from the Anti VD party.

It's a small rectangle clutch, about a foot long by 6 inches. It's entirely encrusted with beads. The pattern is multi-colored circles, some bigger than others. It's kinda tripped out. It's got a chunky blue zipper, and is lined with red velvet.

This purse is ONE OF A KIND, because I made it. If you know who took it, or see someone around with it, it is ABSOLUTELY MINE. They can keep the shitty make-up, my cell phone (now useless) and the approximately 16 dollars that was in there. Hell, they can even keep the half pack of Bubbalicious Watermelon Wave I really really want the purse back. No pictures exist, so here's a ghetto paint rendering of it (below). Imagine it like this, but way cooler, and covered entirely with beads.

Please contact me if you have any leads.


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the_mad_nader said...

That is so wrong! I'm sorry that something like this happened to Layla, particularly because the punk who took it did so at a HH event.

If I see anyone with a purse matching the description and picture, and it turns out to be yours, I'll not only retrieve it, I'll let the perpetrator know how foolish it is to mess with a derby girl!