Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Come out and party with the Heathers Saturday night

Got that? Saturday, February 21, 2009 at 9:00pm - 1:00am
1322 SE Water Ave, Portland, OR
Suggested donation for this funder: $5.00
Buy some raffle tickets too!

I'm going to buy some new underwear for this event.


George said...

I'm one step ahead of you with the underwear purchase, Coroner. I got me a pair of WOJ panties that I'm gonna wear! Also, I heard No Namey say that there was a case of absinthe purchased for the party! This could get downright ugly!

Anonymous said...


I hope they aren't straight shots of absinthe. . .that can melt paint off the wall and unclog any stubborn drain!!

Three shots got my big ol' brother preaching the word of "water" and how we should all drink more water.

Wow, this sounds like its gonna be more fun then last year. How can that be??

the_mad_nader said...

New underpants are probably a good idea, as a little birdie told me we will once again see the infamous "Spanking booth"...

Kurt Maier said...

Underpants?! We don't need no stinking underpants!

Anonymous said...

I am also creating a new spectacle, er I mean game for your entertainment.

yes yes.

oh and the absinthe is the tip of the iceberg. can you say 1800 margaritas?? Some of our hob nobbing with distillers is paying off!

dont worry, there will be food to soak it up :)

sol train

Anonymous said...

The new drink this spring will be Absinth, muddled lemon and lime, sprite, and ice in a tall pint glass.