Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Docket

photo by Jules Doyle

That rag-tag, mix 'n' match, tough-as-nails crew of roving rollers the Axles of Annihilation face off against Bremerton's Slaugter County Roller Vixens at the Oaks Hangar, Friday October 15, 8 pm (doors at 7).

Buy yourself some tickets. Take your daughter to the slaughter.

The very next night, Saturday October 16 at 6 pm (doors at 5), Portland's Wheels of Justice face WFTDA North Central Region champs the Windy City Rollers. Flippin' epic. They're selling tickets for that, too. Get some.

Speaking of tickets, 2011 Season Tickets go on sale November 1. When that happens, it will happen here.

As always, the RCR Newsletter is excellent. Investigate it soon. Lots going on.


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George said...

Yes! I can't wait, Coroner! Another awesome weekend full of derby. Also, I'm following Windy City up to Olympia on Sunday to see them take on Oly. That's going to be another great bout! I'm just bummed that the RCR bout is scheduled at the same time as Knocktober Fest in Rainy City. This will be the first Knocktober Fest that I've had to miss.