Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Roller Rama this weekend!

Does this recent summer lull in derby activity have you feeling down, like me? Tired of watching hours and hours of archived bout footage on-line just to try and fill the void? Well, head on down to Salem this weekend and get your derby fix! Cherry City is hosting Roller Rama this Saturday. It’s a roller derby event where Cherry City is introducing their four new home teams (the Dolls of Anarchy, the Panty Raiders, the Rydell Belles, and the Thrill Kill Kittens), and it sounds like it’s going to be a blast!

I sat down with Edie Disorder, captain of the Thrill Kill Kittens, and asked her a few questions about this weekend’s bout. Here is what she had to say.

George: What is the format of the bout going to be like? Are all four teams going to play against each other?

Edie Disorder: It’s going to be one regulation bout. We’re combining the Thrill Kill Kittens and the Panty Raiders into one team, and playing against a combined team of the Rydell Belles and the Dolls of Anarchy.

George: Are the teams pretty evenly matched, or are there any noticeable strengths/weaknesses that either team has?

Edie Disorder: We’re pretty evenly matched. A generalization would be to say that the Thrill Kill Kittens and the Panty Raiders are jammer-heavy, and the Rydell Belles and the Dolls of Anarchy are somewhat blocker-heavy, but that’s just a generalization. We’re on a pretty even playing field skill-wise, I would say. The league has its share of experienced hockey players and speed skaters, as well as girls with not that much experience. It’s a diverse group.

George: Will we see any familiar faces from RCR at this bout?

Edie Disorder: Butcher Block and Smack Ya Sideways will be coaching the combined team of the Rydell Belles and the Dolls of Anarchy, and Viagrrra Falls and Skatie Kat will be coaching the combined team of the Thrill Kill Kittens and the Panty Raiders.

So there you have it derby fans – a place to get your derby fix this weekend! I always enjoy going to Cherry City bouts. The venue at the fairgrounds is great, and they have a GIANT screen with instant replays. It’s awesome. I catch myself staring at the screen more than the live action sometimes. It spoiled me, and now I want instant replays at every roller derby bout! Also, this weekend there will be a classic car show going on right outside of the bout, so that’s even more of an incentive to make the journey down to Cherry City and get your summertime derby fix. I’ll see you there!

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