Friday, February 19, 2010

Heartless Heathers v. Breakneck Betties

photo by Skippy Steve

The Heathers roll again tomorrow night, Saturday the 20th, at the Oaks Hangar, against last year's RCR Champion Breakneck Betties.

As Captain Mobi has said elsewhere, the 2010 Heathers are a young team, full of potential, and intent on building cohesion and power as the year unfolds. Cadavers should enjoy seeing how their team of choice has developed since January's opening scramble. And Cadavers should let those Heathers hear some cheering.

The bout is sold out, but RCR's Live Stream is plenty available, both at your computer and on the big screen at Kay's Bar, still at SE Bybee & Milwaukie.

If Saturday's match is anything like last week's bout between the High Rollers and GnR, it will be an exciting game to watch. My quick gloss on last week's bout: the Guns controlled the pack, offense, and managed penalties well in the first half while the High Rollers did the opposite. And then things completely switched around in the second half with the High Rollers showing what they were made of, deploying solid pack control and dominating most jams, down to Sully's final spectacular run.

Dr. Snark N. Stein has a similar, though by no means identical, perspective over at the GnR Blog.

And Mike Chexx shared his insights on the bout last Monday in a Rose City Roller Radio episode. Go have a listen.

Comments anyone?

Heathers por vida!

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