Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Random Walk Down Derby Street

French Tickler of Emerald City's Church of Sk8tin' spotted near 15th & Alberta NE, Portland, OR, 03/26/2009


George said...

I love the Church of Sk8tin'! They're my favorite Eugene team! I'm going down to Eugene to see them on April 11th. I can't wait. I need desperately to replace my Church of Sk8tin' t-shirt. Edie Disorder (the most evil of all the evil Breakneck Betties) stole mine and absolutely refuses to give it back! I loved that t-shirt. It's worth the drive down there to replace the t-shirt, not to mention an awesome bout against Slaughter County! Coroner, where do you hang out that you always run into derby girls?

The Coroner said...

I think if you sit in one place long enough, George, you're bound to run into some derby girls. I see quite a few in my neighborhood, over on NE Alberta. I think I'll see a lot more tonight over at Cosmic Monkey.

the_mad_nader said...

George, I'm right with you - Church of Sk8tin is absolutely my favorite ECRG team.

And, just to make you jealous, I have one of those hand printed in a garage, "In Quad We Trust" t-shirts that (I believe) were only available at their very first ever bout!

I treasure that piece of derby memorabilia, and if it ever goes missing I'm coming after you!

Anonymous said...

French Tickler is now a resident of our fine city. She is out of commission for derby until possibly June due to a sledding accident back in the snow storm. We may see her skate here for RCR someday, we'll see!

Mad Nader - the shirt you speak of was made by Brick Wallace in her garage w/ a rattle can - a special run of shirts for special fans like you and me. I'm sad that Brick no longer skates with the Church but I agree the church ROCKS!!!

You can buy a church shirt online btw - here:

Noz said...

Ringer was also cannonized by the church for running their bench for a season.

Praise Saint Ringer!